How to Ruin Your Sister’s Chances to Ever Get a Good Job

December 6, 2014

Hurry up, Go!

Go and save her now if you can, but

I may have permanently influenced my little sister.

She may end up straying from the most common and socially acceptable path to make a living, which is

Get a good job.

Somebody better go and save Tanya.

I’m pretty sure I have her convinced.

She met me a few weeks ago and brought me some lunch.

Then that’s when I started to do my damage.

Right now she is in school and plans to go to college.

So I was like, ohhh, okay.  What do you want to be?

She said, “Well, I want to be a dental assistant.  I can get a big discount on any dental work I need done, and they pay REALLY good, like $14.50 per hour to start.”

At this point I didn’t panic, but realized I had to act fast.

The ebola that had just spewed out from her mouth, the getagoodjobitis, was something that needed to be treated before it spread to others.


Before I even asked, I already knew she had been infected, and probably by some of the same voices that had infected me years ago.

My goal was to inject the cure.


Treating My Little Sister for Getagoodjobitis

“So is that what you really want to do?”, I asked.


“Let me ask you something.

If you could get up every day, and do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

Putting aside the whole idea of finding a job that pays by the hour, what would you wake up and do every day?

What do you enjoy doing?”

She took a few moments to think about it.  “Well, I really like to do hair.  But it doesn’t pay as much, and I wouldn’t be able to get the dental work done.”

“Well how ’bout this:”, I said, increasing the amount of the anecdote, “How about maybe go to school for business, learn some accounting, and go to a cosmetology school to learn hair?”

She was listening.  I continued, “Start your own hair styling business or a spa.  Then you can work for yourself, instead of someone else.  There is even a program at the university where they will help you create a business plan and find investors.

You will make more than $14.50 a . hour too.

Get this idea about how much per hour, at a job, you can make out of your head.  Think bigger and beyond that.”

Her posture shifted and expression changed as if she just suddenly had an inspiring ‘aha’ moment.

She told me that my suggestions sounded a whole lot better than what she had been considering, and that she thought she would begin down the path of starting her own business now.  She said it sounded a whole lot better than having a boss and being told what to do.

I could tell that her previous motives were both based out of fear, and indoctrination.

Her motive to become a dental assistant was part based on her insecurities about her teeth.

The idea that getting a “good job” making $14.50 per hour was also fear based.  The people encouraging her to “get a good job” live in their own fear based world, struggling to get by, clinging desperately to their per-hour jobs with “benefits” and 401-k, asking permission from a boss all their lives.

She has probably been told to get something secure and stable, since good jobs are hard to come by these days, because life is hard and that’s just how things are.

It is expected and taught that yo . must get a good job, with some business or company after you graduate or finish college.

To some degree there’s also this sense that getting a “good job” is some moral thing to do, and if you don’t then “you don’t wanna work” and that’s “wrong”.

I’m going to tell you right now, it’s only wrong if you aren’t doing work that brings you joy.

I told my sister she could own her own business, doing something that she enjoys, be the boss of her life, make way more than $14.50 per hour, and make enough to get dental work done.

I opened not just her mind, but her heart, by asking her to consider what brings her joy – something most of us will never be taught.

I helped her move away from a thought pattern based on insecurity and fear, to one with focus that will make her more driven and motivated.

As you read this, are you someone who has made life and career choices out of insecurity, conformity, and fear?

If so you can probably remember how a small, or maybe a big part of you intuitively felt something wasn’t quite right.  You could tell. Maybe you resisted, but ignored what your gut was telling you?

Now imagine if you had made choices based on the goal of being able to do what you found joy doing.  How would that have been like?

Would things be different?

There is still time.

You can start now.

Start writing down your vision and plan out what it is going to take to get there.


By the way…

By the way, while weren’t looking, I was injecting you with some dowhatyouwantonitis, which is the anecdote for getagoodjobitis.


Heh heh heh heh heh, just like my little sister, you may experience the signs of:

  • Motivation
  • Hope
  • Inspiration
  • Excitement to begin living the life you want…

And you might begin now to make plans to get on that path.

‘Till next time,












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