Picture 29Welcome to Project Creative Freedom

I started this blog to help creative men like myself to get the freedom to do what they want and love.  It takes discipline and focus to achieve your dreams.

As creatives who often find ourselves living in the colorful, emotional world of our right brain hemisphere, it is important to remain grounded and have balance in our lives.  We need to channel our masculine energy that will help us be patient warriors as we strive to achieve what we want.

We can achieve our goals by implementing good habits, creating plans with steps that help us stay focused, and having a support group.

This blog is to help you find all that you need to create balance and achieve the freedom you want.

All the topics here will be based my research and what I’ve learned from my own experiences.


My name is Billy.

When I was seventeen my parents didn’t take care of me, so I quit high school so that I could go work.  The real world was something I had absolutely no clue about, but I needed to do something because turning on the shower with pliers and wondering what kind of wild animal could pop through the hole in the bathroom floor at any time was something I wanted to escape from.  You could see the dirt on the ground.

When I did step foot into the real world, it was a huge shock of an experience because obviously I wasn’t prepared for it.  Up to that point I mostly escaped into my world of creativity through art and music.  In high school I didn’t fit in, not even with the people who didn’t fit in!  I was one of the people hardly noticed, and I was very much into my Christian faith.  I was a likable kid with a few friends but mostly I avoided people in school.  My experience with school wasn’t the most pleasant one.  Most people left me alone but a few negative experiences of social rejection stuck in my mind.  I wasn’t good enough because I wouldn’t smoke weed, didn’t wear new in style clothes, and when I was made fun of it hit me hard.  I was 45 lbs overweight, wore big glasses, and suffered from acne.

At home my dad was a chain smoker and an alcoholic filled with anger and symptoms of PTSD from fighting in the infantry in the Vietnam war, and my mom was a regular smoker with a mental condition.  This would make me come home and drown myself in books, art, writing, humor, and music.  I was active in church too and sought spirituality as a refuge from my circumstances as well.  So when I went out into the real world, I was not prepared, neither understood what it was like to have to survive and just fit in with anyone.

The first few years were a real struggle with anxiety and depression.  I would feel trapped and it took years before I could finally work a job consistently as I fought through all of the emotional and mental challenges.  A few times I went homeless, and I know what it’s like to sleep in freezing weather.  I was an angry young adult and became very cynical.  I had a very negative outlook about life.  The “real world” wasn’t a place conducive to being the person I wanted to be.  It was hard for me to relate with anyone at an intimate level, or naturally create any friendships or relationships where I could bond with anyone based on mutual esteems and experiences.  I just thought, these are the same kind of people from high school who used to make fun of me, only they are adults.  I didn’t have any skills.  Therefore I was limited to only finding the only work I could get, mostly doing dead end blue collar jobs.  Most of the people in those jobs seemed to be there just because they had to and they hated it.  This would be obvious by how they worked with others, what they talked about, and just in their body language.   I allowed the negativity to get to me and would hate working every day.  The real world was not the world I wanted to be in, and I lacked clarity and focus.  I was adrift letting the world own me instead of owning and creating my own reality.

It wasn’t until years later that I finally began to adjust, to find strength, focus, balance and take my control of my reality.  After a number of times going crazy, making idiot mistakes, overcoming obstacles, and breaking through barriers, I finally found what I really wanted to do with my life.  I’ve always believed in doing what’s right.  I stayed determined to never give up on fighting for something that I believe in.  What fueled my desire to find my own creative freedom was I never wanted to settle.  Settling would be to give up on going after what I want.  I wanted a way to be the creative person I am, and use my natural gifts and talents to contribute to the world.  Working a dead end blue collar 8-5 job for the rest of my life surrounded other people who hated their jobs was something I wouldn’t settle for.  I wanted to help other creative people achieve their goals too.

I hope this blog inspires you to be the best you can be and to never give up on your dreams.

You will get what you need to move forward from here to find the freedom you want and the tools and resources to create the balance you need to achieve it. It’s not a coincidence you have found this website.  Something inside you was searching for answers  and you have manifested this experience into your reality.  Now that we are crossing paths here, I look forward to having you around.



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